The completion of Dhamma Vahini center will be done in many phases.

Phase I: (Complete)

Residential course facilities for 25 to 50 students + Mini Dhamma Hall and other necessary facilities.

  • Residential facility for 50 students is Constructed.
  • One Dhamma Hall with an area of approx 950 sq. ft with a capacity of 50 meditators is constructed. Though according to final plan the final Dhamma hall will be of 150 capacity. Once that is built, this one will be considered as mini dhamma hall.
  • A temporary Structure for Kitchen and Dining Hall constructed to serve the Ongoing Courses. Water sources, Electric connection and drainage completed. 
  • Planted 1600 trees towards river bank!

Phase II:

Upgrade the Residential courses facilities up to 100 students + Main Dhamma Hall+ Meditation cells and other facilities.

  • Few more rooms for students (to reach 100 no.), proper Kitchen and Dining hall with its store room will be the priority.
  • Dining hall will be combined with 2 small course offices in it, each for male/female students.
  • Kitchen area will be approx 2500 sq. ft. And Dining hall will be approx 2000 sq. ft.
  • The next will be Paid Server quarters. The quarters will have facilities to cook as well as bath etc. Those should accommodate at least 12 people.

Phase III:

To reach 150 capacity in every way.

  • Main Dhamma hall and meditation Cells will be of 150 capacity. Dhamma Hall will be 3400 sq. ft in size. Total cell area will be 7500 sq. ft for 150 persons.
  • Rooms for Dhamma servers are also on plan. Total 5000 sq. ft construction will be done for them.
  • The main office block needed for good hospitality and smooth operation of the centre. Its area will be 2500 sq. ft which includes medical room, shopping section and small store room.

These plans are done keeping in mind that we have plenty of open space there. No cut-off time period has been decided. Whenever we will have sufficient donation, plans will be materialized.

Total Cost for final center will be 4.7 crore The First phase is already completed. More 4 crore will be needed to reach its final stage!