S. N. Goenka at Dhamma Siri, 2002 Dear Travelers on the Path of Dhamma,

Be happy!

Keep the torch of Dhamma alight! Let it shine brightly in your daily life. Always remember, Dhamma is not an escape. It is an art of living: living in peace and harmony with oneself and also with all others. Hence, try to live a Dhamma life.

Don't miss your daily sittings each morning and evening. Whenever possible, attend weekly joint sittings with other Vipassana meditators. Do a ten-day course as an annual retreat. This is essential to keep you going strong.

With all confidence, face the spikes around you bravely and smilingly. Renounce hatred and aversion, ill will and animosity. Generate love and compassion, especially for those who do not understand Dhamma and are living an unhappy life.

May your Dhamma behavior show them the path of peace and harmony. May the glow of Dhamma on your faces attract more and more suffering people to this path of real happiness. May all beings be happy, peaceful, liberated.

With all my metta,
- S. N. Goenka



Course Options




A Vipassana course is truly valuable only if it makes a change in your life, and a change will come only if you keep practicing the technique on a daily basis. The following outline of what you have learned is offered with best wishes for your continued success in meditation: Practice Guidelines*.

All old students are eligible to sit and serve whole or partial 10-day courses. Old students are also eligible for sitting and serving 1-day and 3-day courses, which are periodically held at Dhamma Siri and other centers around North America. For information on courses around the world please check the Old Student Global Schedules* on the International website.

In addition, as old students continue to progress in their practice of Dhamma, they become eligible for certain special courses e.g. Sattipathana, Self and Long Courses. For details on requirements for various courses visit Special Courses Prerequisites*.

3-Day Courses

All 3-day old student courses begin the evening of the first day and end early morning of the last day. All students taking a full 3-day course are expected to remain until the end of that course.

The 3-day old student courses will start with on-site registration from three to five on Day 0, which is usually a Thursday. After registration, a light meal and orientation will precede the start of the course. The course will end at approximately 6:00 p.m. on the last day of the course, which is a Sunday.

10-Day Courses

All ten day courses begin the evening of the first day and end early morning of the last day. Usually, ten day courses begin on a Wednesday evening and early on a Sunday morning.

Long Courses

Long courses are held at different times of the year at Dhamma Siri and other centers in North America and internationally. They are open to old students only. For information on upcoming long courses to be held around the world please check the Summary of Long Course Schedules (By Region & Type of Course)* on the International website.

There are a number of prerequisites to attending a long course so please read the reference material contained in Special Courses Prerequisites* before applying.

The application process for long courses is manual (i.e. there is no online process for this) and a special form is used. Please proceed as follows:

  • Download & Print- from Long Course Application Form*

  • Complete - all information requested on the form

  • Submit - the completed form to the Assistant Teacher (or Teacher) who knows you well, at the centre where you sit most frequently, and where you are best known to the ATs and Teachers.

Please note on your application form, the course you are applying for, and the location at which its to be held. Your application form and supporting recommendations will be forwarded in due course to that center.


Dhamma Siri Courses

The following links on Dhamma Siri public website will provide information relating to all courses currently offered at Dhamma Siri:



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