With ever increasing awareness of Vipassana as menas to eradicate suffering and leading a life of peace and harmony, more and more Vipassana Centres are needed. Mumbai is home to more than 20mn people.A need has long been felt to create another hub for transmission of Vipassana, located near Mumbai. Therefore to create a Centre around Mumbai, a trust named as Mumbai Parisar Vipassana Centre (MPVC) was formed in 2002.

29 acres of land was identified on a river bank at about 6 kms from Titwala railway station near Mumbai. Aquiring the land, its tranfer on trust's name took few years. Within those years even a small bridge and connecting road of 1km was built by trust.

In the year 2009, first residential course was held at Dhamma Vahini!



 Residential Facility

During the Summer of 2009, the Center dedicated a residence facility for the students of vipassana!
There are 30 rooms on the ground floor with an attached bathrooms to accomodate 2 person in each room at present.


Dining Hall

  At present the dining hall is temporary. Soon a new Dining and kitchen is under constuction.




Meditation Hall

 The Meditation hall, which is called Dhamma Hall in this tradition has a capacity of 60 meditators to sit and meditate comfortably.